6 luxury bridal shoes Jimmy Choo

A bride wants to go the day of your wedding radiant from head to toe. Therefore, we present a collection of bridal shoes by Jimmy Choo, a treat for a special day. The shoe designer Jimmy Choo has also thought of shoes for the wedding dress. To fit bet on that special day for different materials such as leather or … Continua a leggere

The Wedding Shoes

The wedding shoes are one of the most controversial of the great accessories and one of those days on which generations come together and collide more often. Let’s find out what the etiquette prescribes and what fashion dictates. Rules of elegance The etiquette for the bride would strictly tailor-made shoes, preferably in the same fabric or at least the same … Continua a leggere

Wedding shoes for summer 2011

From the original shoes that are trendy in 2011 to those of big names like Jimmy Choo, Dior & Chanel and Rosa Clara. The unique views to choose the model that best fits your style and large, different, fun, elegant, sober … is how each of us! Today we decided to spend some time in the upcoming summer brides with … Continua a leggere

Colored bridal shoes 2011

If you are planning a detail that enhances and make your special wedding dress, consider each element .. from head to toe! Indeed, be amazed by the many ideas of bridal shoes that we offer colored below.   Cheerful collage of colored wedding shoes for all tastes   So many ideas for stained not go unnoticed   W originality … … Continua a leggere