Crystal Drop Rhinestone Tiara In Silver

At 1.75 inches tall this beautiful tiara can adorn the heads of any queen for a day. Perhaps a lush princess moment, or making someone who needs their day a little brighter with the handing over of the crown.  Beautiful diamond cut rhinestones adorn this beautiful well rounded tiara that rests on a silver band adorned with combs. The combs … Continua a leggere

Choose a Wedding and Engagement Ring with Meaning

Jewelry, especially wedding jewelry, has an important place in our culture and society. No one expects the traditions that go along with our desire to own jewelry to cease, but we can be more socially and ecologically conscious about our choices. There are several places you can buy or custom order wedding and engagement rings that is made from recycled … Continua a leggere

Wedding Jewelry Options For Men

Some of the most popular options for wedding jewelry for men are the men’s diamond band collection. Since rings don’t augment well on men’s fingers, the next best alternative is a band. There are two major kinds of bands – diamond bands and the standard wedding bands (which we will talk about later). In the diamond bands category, some of … Continua a leggere

What Is So Fascinating About Unique Wedding Jewelry?

Since the 1950s it has been common for men and women, to wear a wedding band and it’s also very common nowadays for couples to shop for their wedding rings together and to seek out a matching pair of rings. One solution is of course to purchase your rings from a single jewelry outlet in which pair of rings or … Continua a leggere

Jewelry for your wedding bridal jewelry

On the most important day of your life, it’s important that everything is just perfect, down to the last detail. Of course you’ll want to look your absolute best for your special day. Bridal jewelry can do just that. It can help to compliment your dress and complete your look, while making you feel like a princess. Many brides go … Continua a leggere