White Summer 2011 women swear dresses

White has everything you need to have the best look of monitor lizard, from white dresses up denim shorts with nautical touches and romantic … No doubt this collection is absolutely adorable … Want to know more?Read on! Each of the items in the collection is full of touch ‘girl’ and femininity, ideal for those wishing to express a sweet … Continua a leggere

Spring 2011-Wedding & Special Occasion Dresses

  Springtime often includes sensation elation and bursts of energy, aka Spring Fever. Medically speaking, the brain hormone Melatonin functions to maintain the body’s circadian rhythm and has a direct effect on both sleep patterns and energy levels. Since circadian rhythm of the body is affected by sunlight, the arrival of longer, warmer days are said to kick-start those hormones.       The … Continua a leggere

Special Occasion Dresses from Olivia Kate Couture

When I got married, 12 years ago, (yikes), I had a good sized wedding- loved my dress, still haven’t seen another like it, but when it came to my flower girls dresses, I can’t say the same.  Don’t get me wrong, they were cute, but no one is really going to remember them.  The basic white princess style dresses.   … Continua a leggere

Where to Find Trendy Plus Size Special Occasion Dresses

  Women of all ages come in different shapes and sizes. When preparing for a special occasion, you may be overwhelmed with the notion of buying a gown for the occasion if you have a larger build. There are plenty of plus size special occasion dresses that will make you look fabulous. But for many years women who have larger … Continua a leggere