Simon proposes Perele Caressence, underwear aloe

An all-French proposal. What We Talk? The first line of lingerie with microbeads of aloe. The invention is Simon Perele brand – founded in 1948 by Mrs. Pérèle in person and then became company internationally – which has launched a collection of underwear with added aloe vera conditioner parts lace. A choice, you’ll see, to avoid those annoyances that often … Continua a leggere

Discover the secrets of playing make-up

  Mascara, eye shadow, lip gloss for the lips of every color … these are just some of the elements on which a new category of games for girls currently all the rage: the games make up. As already guessed from the name, purpose in these pastimes is the face of dolls or make-up celebrities and through measures to change … Continua a leggere

Decision and willingness to Lose Weight

      Regarding weight loss, often confused decision and will, as in the great changes in her life. “I decided to lose belly”or “I decided to lose weight” does not necessarily mean “I want to lose the belly, “”I want to lose weight. “ Decision The decision is made one day Because you can not get into clothing we … Continua a leggere