If you want other suggestions for planning the rooms in your home

1. Obviously, the piece of furniture the most important is unquestionably – the bed. It should be comfortable – a little nest in which we should feel safe. Its support must be more than your body – otherwise you will not sleep well. It sets the tone for the room, it sets the rest of the decoration. Choose the most … Continua a leggere

A Comedy World 2

He is guilty of major crimes in the world, but the biggest is it to kill the love? What crime have we committed? It forgives the individual crimes, but not participation in a collective crime, yet they learned in books that the brotherhood is what distinguishes humans. The animals know only love   Today love is conjugated in the plural … Continua a leggere

A Comedy World 1

To escape the pain, most often we take refuge in the future. On the track of the time, we imagine a line beyond which the present suffering will cease to exist. The suffering of children is appalling in itself, especially when it is notjustified. Suffering use the hope and faith Abandonment is a social phenomenon. The child born of sin … Continua a leggere