anja rubik gets married in pucci

It is one of the most popular models but her marriage has provoked less outcry than the much more long-time colleague of Kate Moss. Granted, the celebrity makes a difference and probably Anja Rubik expressly wanted to maintain an aura of secrecy on one of the events of his life at the same time you want to share and maintain the small circle of loved ones.

married day, anja rubik

Took place last weekend in Mallorca, where the supermodel married her longtime boyfriend Sasha Knezevic. To be interested more than any other detail is of course the dress, designed by Peter Dundas for Pucci. Particular and fresh as befits the personality of Anja. Short in front, made ​​with flounces, longer in back with a train. Tied behind the neck on the back with a row of buttons to turn a delicate lace bodice that also covers the front of the shoulders and sleeves creates delicate just mentioned, but left open a neckline.

married day, anja rubik

Instead of Giuseppe Zanotti Design shoes, the bride is the bridegroom. For him, a classic moccasin made ​​of black satin. For her shaved yet, but white, as befits the more traditional bride. Female detail of the strap at the ankle and very contemporary fashion tip of the front of the sandal.

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